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Grand Representative Competitions
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This will give you information about the Grand Representatives and their role at the 2020 Grand Assembly. 

  • Sashes are still suggested; however, they are not required.  We would like each Grand Representative to make a sash that is unique. The sashes may be designed to represent one or more jurisdictions.  It is important that each girl make (or help make) the sash themselves. It should be fashioned to represent their Jurisdiction. These will be judged by select judges.
  • Each Grand Representative should create a Memory Board to represent your Grand Jurisdiction. Use a 12" x 12" heavyweight scrapbook page as the background, then add words, pictures, brochures, photos or cut-outs to tell the story of your state or country.  The memories may include Rainbow events or state events, but they should tell the story of your state or country. They will be judged for creativity and telling the Rainbow story of your Grand Jurisdiction.
  • The Grand Representative reports are important and encouraged.  The short report will be read during one of the sessions at Grand Assembly.  It is understandable that not everyone has heard from their counterpart, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have this opportunity.  Information can be found on-line or contact Mom Martha, the Grand Representative Director to help contact your Jurisdiction.  It is important that the completed report be sent to Mom Martha by June 1st.  (Email: mlhjohnson@comcast.net). You will be asked to write a short answer to these 3 questions for the report:
    • What is the Grand Worthy Advisor's theme and why was it chosen?
    • What is the main service project and who does it benefit?
    • What is one unique fact you learned about Rainbow in the Jurisdiction you represent?
  • In the packet that the Grand Representatives received the night of their appointment, there was a Report for the Supreme Inspector that needs to be turned in to Mom Fortenberry by May 15th.  It includes a listing of activities that have been completed this year related to Rainbow.  Start now to keep a list of activities, service hours and Assembly projects!
This web site acknowledges allegiance to the Supreme Assembly, International Order of the Rainbow for Girls, whose seat is in McAlester, Oklahoma, of which late Rev. W. Mark Sexson was the
founder, Mrs. Joanie Jacka is Supreme Worthy Advisor and to the Grand Jurisdiction of Tennessee of which Mrs. Judy Fortenberry is Supreme Inspector.